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60-Day Countdown to Moving Day!

It’s happening! We are going to build an amazing new animal sanctuary in Central Mexico.


December 22 will be a landmark day in the history of Angelitos Sancturario. On this day, we signed the paperwork to buy Angelitos Sanctuario’s new permanent home.


We are without words for gratitude for all the supporters who got us to this point. We are excited and optimistic, but also realistic about the challenges ahead of us. Namely, that we need to build new facilities for Amy Gigi and the animals in 60 days!!


One of the many new puppies at the Sanctuary this month.

The property we have rented for the past 18 months has been sold. We are happy for the owners as they were all long-term supporters of the animal sanctuary that predated us in this location for decades and only closed down because its founder died.

We were incredibly lucky to find this location and these facilities to give us the time to figure out what would make the most sense for Angelitos while also caring for all the animals we had taken in. And now, we are taking everything we have learned and building our new home from scratch.


We have so many animals relying on us for their love, care and shelter. We are making a real difference and will be a model of humane animal treatment in a part of the world where that is not the norm. We could not do this important work without your support.


Follow us as we start building next week. You can find updates on our website (, on Facebook ( and Instagram (



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