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The Move, The Construction, The Current Struggles.  We’re Building It, But Still Need a Lot of Help.

It's been an adventure for the Sanctuary in the past few months to say the least. We’ve been on an insane sprint (and a roller coaster) since found out we would have to move, on short notice, from our rented location at the end of January.


Fortunately, we had land under contract, but we had to quickly consolidate a multi-month construction project into a six-week project so our founder, Amy Gigi, and the animals had to go somewhere.  As is often the case, the progress has been much slower than we had hoped (and were expecting).  But we also weren’t able to raise as much funds as we needed to make such a big project happen.  (So if you have some more to give, please do.)


But we are doing this!! We are building something special in central Mexico where the suffering and needs are so overwhelming. But we need help!!

The full story follows. But here are our links for quick access to help support us and the animals:

Our Current Status

Amy Gigi and some of the animals are living at the new location because they had nowhere else to go, but the conditions are beyond basic. What is basic? There are no real roofs on anything, including the building where she and the handicapped animals are living. There is no running water, no refrigeration, no septic system, extremely limited connectivity, and limited power as we await the installation of our solar system. We are also waiting on doors and windows.


The strongest dogs (and the weakest who cannot be fostered) as well as the burros are with Amy Gigi. More than 50 are in foster care waiting to come to their new home. (Thank you fosters!!!)


The donkeys are exploring the new property, but primarily because we’ve yet to raise the funds to build a fenced off area for them and a shelter.  While they enjoy being able to go wherever they like, we look forward to not finding them trying to get into the (unfinished) house!


We are adjusting to our new location and have been welcomed by the community. We have even hired a new Sanctuary Lead employee who lives nearby and is a true dog whisperer. We are looking for supporters to sponsor his salary for the next three months.


Our Immediate Plan

Our priority now is habitability and humane conditions for Amy Gigi and the animals.


San Miguel has two seasons – rainy and dry. The (heavy) rains will start soon so our priority is to rain proof the property (to the extent that’s even possible). That means roofs on the buildings (living quarters, vet office infirmary, storage room) and doors and windows installed asap.  Our original crew is leaving the job and a new construction crew that fits our affordability issues starts on April 8. Thank you new crew for recognizing that we are a poor charity in a serious situation requiring quick action.


Our Successes – U.S. Adoptions Program

Despite all these challenges, we are beyond excited to announce that we’ve started a long-term puppy adoption program with a sister foundation created specifically to only aid Angelitos in the United States.  We will be sending 5 pups a month! All are preadopted or adopted within 2 weeks, after a rigorous process. Next group leaves in a few weeks.


Our Needs

Our current needs are dire.  We are racing to complete as much construction for Amy Gigi, the dogs and the donkeys as possible before the rainy season begins. We need to purchase the land. We have vet bills and ongoing vet care needs to cover. 


When pressed, Amy Gigi will share that these past few weeks have been among the most difficult in her life – and that’s saying a lot given her life experiences up to now. Because of the living conditions. Because of the stress. Because of the stressed animals. Because of worry that we won’t raise enough.


We thank everyone who has helped us get this far. We don’t have words to express our thanks. With your help, we are offering dogs in need an opportunity for a home and a life not defined by suffering, neglect and abuse.