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Our Work

Angelitos Sanctuario rescues dogs, donkeys and birds of prey in the Central Mexico highlands. We operate on a sanctuary model which means we adopt out strong candidates and provide permanent homes for the unadoptable and severely handicapped.


We have a number of blind and paralyzed dogs who call Angelitos home. We rehabilitate and release to the wild our birds of prey, when possible, and offer them sanctuary otherwise.  



Why Animals

What Makes Us Different

There are many rescuers in Mexico, but they are generally individuals working out of their homes with extremely limited resources. We are creating a new model.

  • We are the only full-service sanctuary offering 24-hour vet care onsite, including surgery, aftercare and physical rehabilitation. 

  • We are the only sanctuary in Mexico building our permanent location based on the Humane Society’s HumanePro model.

  • We are the only sanctuary able to properly care for paralyzed and extremely disabled animals. Our dog area has a dedicated area for at least 20 blind dogs.

  • We are the largest sanctuary in our region and the only one to offer a permanent home to the unadoptable.

  • We are the only sanctuary with direct connections to Canada and the United States, where we send many animals for adoption.

  • We are building a sustainable sanctuary—we will rely on solar power, a biodigester system for our “septic system,” a rain catchment system and more.

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