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It All Started with an Abandoned Street Puppy 

Amy Gigi Alexander with Osito and his friends.webp
Meet the OG Angel Dog: Osito

Angelitos Sanctuario started when a renowned humanitarian (Amy Gigi Alexander) found herself stranded in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and met an abandoned street puppy (Ositio). 

That woman went on to save more than 700 dogs out of her 2-bedroom apartment during COVID and hundreds more since moving to our rented property in the country. We call her our resident Bad-Ass. 

We now house more than 100 dogs, many of them disabled or unadoptable, on our rented property outside of town.

Sadly,in Mexico, puppies like Osito are everywhere. Six out of every 10 dogs lives—and dies—in the streets.

Animals are thrown out of moving cars along the highways. Bags of puppies are found in garbage cans, still alive.

Dog torture is commonplace, and sterilization is unpopular, forcing endless breeding. We are working to change that and create a culture of humane animal welfare. 


Meet the Bad-Ass

Amy Gigi Alexander is an award-winning published travel journalist who is passionate about making the world better. She has spent her adult life doing just that.  

  • She has volunteered at orphanages in a dozen countries and lived with Mother Theresa’s Missionaries of Charity sisters, helping 100’s of disabled children.

  • Undeterred by difficulty, she has walked the Camino de Santiago 20 times and crossed 8 countries on foot and alone.

  • She has lived with indigenous groups and in civil war zones to help the poorest of the poor.

  • Now she has given up her adventurous life to dedicate her life to Angelitos Sanctuario.

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