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Angelitos Sanctuario is an American-based nonprofit rescuing, rehabilitating and providing sanctuary to abused and neglected dogs, donkeys and cats in Central Mexico. 

Help us build a permanent home for these deserving creatures.

6 out of 10 dogs in Mexico live, and die, in the streets.

Dogs saved in just 4 years

47 Puppies have been saved from garbage cans.

Bad-Ass Founder

Why We Do It


Animals in Mexico face cruel and inhumane treatment, including abandonment, neglect, torture, and overbreeding.  They are: 

  • Thrown out of moving cars along the highways

  • Tied to rooftops on short chains with no shelter and little or no food

  • Hit by cars and left to die slowly on the side of the road

  • Trapped in inhumane conditions and used for endless breeding

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